Bliss Protection Arg 1.0 Ld Top Comp Body Armour Long Sleeve

£161.99 £209.99
Bliss Protection

Flexible shock absorbing ARG shoulder elbow spine and chest padding

Shock: Freeze System. Armourgel absorbs and dissipates energy greatly reducing impact forces transmitted to the body. The special structure of Amourgel allows the material to absorb 80% of the impact energy

Air: Circulation System. Armourgel is based on an open re-entrant structure allowing natural ventilation and airflow around the body for ultimate comfort

Flatlock stitching
Side zipper
Elastic cuff no constriction

Close to body fit Armourgel is totally flexible giving the wearer greater freedom of movement
Comfortable lycra material

Easy Clean: Armourgel can be washed more than 50 times at 40°C with no loss of impact performance properties

Self-Regenerative. Unlike PU or EPS foams Armourgel can be subjected to multiple impacts onto the same point without being destroyed

CE Certified

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